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Hey there! I'm delighted that you ended up in this page — welcome!


I'm Anna!
I'm both portuguese and italian, born in Lisbon in 1999, the year of "I Want It That Way" and "...Baby One More Time". I speak Portuguese, Italian and English and I try to refine my knowledge every day, as I love to discover new facts! My creativity always pushed me forward and think outside the box. Since I was a teenager I found interest in trying to find different ways to express myself, starting a Youtube channel in 2014, growing up to nearly 4000 subscribers.


I graduated from NOVA School of Science and Technology in Lisbon with a Bachelor's in Biochemistry. Right after, I decided to do a volunteer trip to a conservation centre for marine turtles. This one-month trip, working in sandals and VERY bad wi-fi, was my shocking awakening to the human impact on the environment and society.
A little over a year ago, I enrolled in SheCodes bootcamp and received Google's UX certificate. These opportunities allowed me to work with front-end and responsive development tools, complete three projects and three UX case studies. It reinforced my knowledge in UX/UI Design and I fell in love with tech ever since.
Right now, I'm completing my masters in UX Design in Barcelona, where I'll be able to showcase my real life final project. Stay tuned!


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If you haven't guessed it yet, you'll now know: I'm a total geek!
I go to EVERY premiere of every Marvel Studios and Star Wars movie that comes out. In my free time, I love to read fiction/fantasy or watch educational documentaries.
And as if that wasn't enough, I spend every minute I can listening to music. I currently have around 30 different playlists on Spotify that I created for every genre/mood/vibe (I promise I'm not crazy).


I'm adaptable, resilient and motivated to discover more, able to work under deadlines and in a team. I like to believe I can always do better than my previous work so, I keep pushing myself to dream bigger! I know how to work with clients and seek their needs, making both the client and the company happy. I'll never say to you that I can do everything you ask of me, but I'll definitely promise you that I'll do my research and gain new skills. After all, I love to learn!
The one thing I ask in return is a happy and healthy work environment, where employees have equal opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.